Nova Pangaea Technologies completes successful E10 biofuel trial on motorcycle

November 19, 2020 |

In the United Kingdom, Nova Pangaea Technologies successfully developed and trialed its first E10 fuel on a motorcycle at its headquarters in Redcar, UK. The trial featured Nova Pangaea’s process, REFNOVA, which converts 2nd generation non-food feedstocks such as woody and agricultural residues into valuable products for biofuels, biochemicals and biopolymers.

The fuel was produced by Nova Pangaea’s sustainable fuel partner, Coryton, at their base in Essex, UK. Coryton’s Commercial Manager, Luke Goldsmith remarked: “As the world continues to transition away from fossil fuels, the REFNOVA process could make a critical contribution to the target of net-zero emissions. Having reviewed and formulated fuels, using many sustainable components, Coryton can say with confidence that second-generation ethanol of this quality will be a welcome addition to the increasing biofuel slate”.

Nova Pangaea’s REFNOVA process sustainably converts plant residues from forestry and agricultural processes and turns it into the base products for biofuels, biopolymers and biochemicals. The technology is a world-first, patented process developed by the Redcar, UK based company. Significant commercial interest in 2nd generation technology is worldwide.

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