Altair Paramount seeking fuel pathway approvals from CARB

December 3, 2020 |

In California, Altair Paramount, LLC has applied for fuel pathways for renewable diesel, renewable naphtha and renewable jet fuels derived from rendered animal fat feedstock and processed at their facility in Paramount, California. Altair sources rendered inedible animal fat from an integrated meatpacking and rendering facility owned by JBS in Hyrum, Utah who is a joint applicant with Altair.

Staff has reviewed the application and has replicated the CI values calculated by the applicant using the modified version of the Tier 1 Simplified CI Calculator for Biodiesel and Renewable Diesel as well as the modified CA-GREET3.0 model. On the basis of this finding, CARB staff recommends that this application for a LCFS Tier 2 pathway stated in above table be posted for public comments as detailed in Section 95488.7(d)(5). After close of the public comment period, the applicant shall be required to address any substantive comments as determined by the Executive Officer. Any changes required based on comments received will be the responsibility of the applicant. Only after the Executive Officer has deemed responses to comments to be satisfactory, shall this pathway be deemed eligible for certification.

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