FMV tests Swedish biojet fuel in the Gripen engine

December 6, 2020 |

In Sweden, the FMV project, which evaluates biofuels in bilateral cooperation with the United States, has taken another step. This time it was a biofuel produced by Swedish Biofuels that was tested in the Gripen engine RM12 at GKN in Trollhättan.

No change in traction and fuel consumption was detected.

Prior to the test, FMV, with the help of the Swedish Armed Forces, mixed the biojet fuel in barrels with the Swedish Armed Forces’ standard fuel Flygfotogen 75 into a 50/50 mixture. They analyzed the mixture to be able to verify that it was approved to be delivered to the engine test at GKN by tanker.

The biofuel based on alcohol was mixed in the ratio 50/50 with the normal fuel for the Gripen engine RM 12 Flygfotogen 75. 50% admixture of biofuel is today the highest permitted according to the fuel specifications for aviation fuel. The test was the first where this particular biofuel was tested in a larger aircraft engine.

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