Consumers want plant-based products, but more education needed

December 14, 2020 |

In Washington, DC, a consumer survey by the Plant Based Products Council shows the majority of U.S. consumers are receptive to plant based products and packaging, with 54% viewing them favorably and 59% expressing interest. According to the report, the potential market size for plant-based products is estimated to be over 136 million U.S. consumers.

 “There is clear consumer desire to support and promote innovation in the plant-based products and packaging arena,” said Jessica Bowman, Executive Director of the PBPC. More than half—54%–characterize themselves as likely to purchase plant-based products in the next three months. One if five consumers say they have a “strong familiarity” with plant-based products and packaging. Most think first of paper and food; products less commonly associated with “plant-based” include clothing, bags, boxes, and containers. “This awareness gap signifies an opportunity for consumer education not only to grow familiarity, but to increase awareness of the positive impact plant-based products and materials have on the environment,” PBPC adds. 

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