Netanyahu endorses cultivated meat, says Israel will become “powerhouse” in the space

December 14, 2020 |

In Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu became the first world leader to sample cell-based meat—which he subsequently gave rave reviews. 

After tasting cultivated steak produced by Rehovot-based Aleph Farms, Prime Minister Netanyahu said the meat was “delicious and guilt-free,” adding that he couldn’t taste the difference between the cultivated version and conventional beef. “I have directed State Secretary Tzahi Braverman to appoint a coordinator to serve these industries in order to connect and oversee all the stakeholders operating in this field. Israel will become a powerhouse for alternative meat and alternative protein,” he added. 

Good Food Institute says Israel is a leader in cultivated meat and called on other countries to invest in the technology. “The Israeli government has turned the country into a nerve center for plant-based and cultivated meat innovation,” GFI Executive Director Bruce Friedrich said. “Prime Minister Netanyahu has thrown the weight of Israel behind this new way of making meat. The EU, China, the US, and other governments should pick up the gauntlet that Mr. Netanyahu just threw down, because nothing is more important for the climate than a transformation in protein production. Globally, we need a space-race-type commitment toward making meat from plants or cultivating it from cells.”

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