Scottish project looks to squeeze value from every wee dram

December 21, 2020 |

In Scotland, researchers are evaluating how to promote circularity in the region’s most famous export—whiskey. 

The Whisky Project, led by the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre, includes Horizon Proteins, MiAlgae, and BioPower Technologies working to maximize value from whisky coproducts like draff and pot ale. All three companies already leverage whisky byproducts: Horizon Proteins extracts proteins from whisky production for animal feed, MiAlgae uses byproducts to make omega-3s for fish feed, and BioPower Technologies makes flour from draff. Under the Whisky Project, BioPower is evaluating whether liquids created by its produces could be beneficial to Horizon Proteins and MiAlgae, as well as look for further uses of pot ale. 

IBioIC’s FlexBio laboratory at Heriot Watt University is also involved in the project, which has received £315,000 (USD$428 million) in funding. Zero Waste Scotland ponied up £130,000, with contributions from Scotch Whisky Research Institute and others. The project is a “tremendous value of how we can add significant benefit with a circular approach to co-products,” says Mark Bustard, IBioIc says. 

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