The 50 Hottest Companies in the Advanced Bioeconomy — Agriculture and Nutrition, 2021

December 31, 2020 |

In Florida, the 2021 50 Hottest Companies in Agriculture and Nutrition was published today, as voted by invited international Selectors and subscribers of The Daily Digest, the world’s most widely-read bioeconomy daily.

The annual rankings recognize innovation and achievement in fuel, chemicals, materials, advanced foods, genetics, advanced biological and process engineering and integrated biorefinery development, and were first awarded in 2008. The Hot 50 in Biodesign & Engineering will be announced in the Daily Digest on January 3rd, and the Hot 50 in Renewable Fuels, Chemicals & Materials was announced on December 30th.

One theme that stood out was fresh faces and young companies — only 7 of the Hot 50 had been founded prior to the establishment of the Hot 50 rankings in 2008. 17 of the companies were exclusively focused on advanced foods — particularly vegan protein. 

Another theme for 2021 was a confirmation that the United States remains a hotbed for company formation in ag tech and nutrition — 44 of the Hot 50 this year are US-founded companies.

“Innovation and new technology remains the story in agtech and nutrition,” said Digest editor and publisher Jim Lane. “Clearly voters have been fascinated by the promise of new companies, though a number of them such in vegan foods have created huge markets for themselves with major partners, despite their youth. One trend of note is the continued expansion of focus of these advanced agtech companies as they look at materials as well as foods.”

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