Iowa produced record biodiesel volumes in 2020 despite COVID-19

January 19, 2021 |

In Iowa, although only nine of Iowa’s 11 biodiesel plants operated in 2020, they still managed to bump up production to 351 million gallons despite market challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) exemptions. 2020 proved to be the 2nd highest year of biodiesel production in Iowa history behind 365 million gallons in 2018. Plenty of room for growth remains given Iowa’s over 400-million-gallon production capacity.

Iowa biodiesel production is expected to account for roughly 20 percent of total U.S. biodiesel production in 2020.

Soybean oil continued to be the feedstock of choice for the majority of Iowa biodiesel production, making up over 85 percent. Corn oil was second at just over eight percent. Animal fat, canola oil, and used cooking oil made up the rest of the feedstock used by Iowa biodiesel producers.

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