Top 10 Bioeconomy Must-Knows in the Biden Transition

January 19, 2021 |

3. Rural Development

Here are key elements of Joe Biden’s Rural Plan as detailed here.

1. Make a historic $400 billion procurement investment that together with his clean energy and infrastructure plan will power new demand for American products, materials, and services.

2. Provide capital for small-medium manufacturers so they can modernize and compete. And he will quadruple funding for the Manufacturing Extension Partnership, a program designed to provide small and medium-sized manufacturers with the technical expertise needed to compete.

3. Grow the bioeconomy and bio-based manufacturing to bring cutting-edge manufacturing jobs back to rural America. Biden will create a low-carbon manufacturing sector in every state in the country, but not just in cities. Key to this strategy will be connecting research universities, community colleges, incubators and accelerators, manufacturing institutes, employers, unions, and state and local governments – alone or as part of a regional pact.

4. Biden will make a new $300 billion investment in R&D and breakthrough technologies to power home-grown industries that can lead the world and create jobs in advanced materials, health and medicine, biotechnology, clean energy, autos, aerospace, artificial intelligence, telecommunications, and more. This will unleash high-quality job creation in manufacturing and technology across rural America and all of the U.S, and helping American workers compete and win in the 21st century.

5. Promote ethanol and the next generation of biofuels. Biden believes renewable fuels are vital to the future of rural America – and the climate. As part of his R&D investment, Biden will invest in developing the next generation of biofuels. Biden will invest in research to develop cellulosic biofuels in a manner that protects our soil and water and addresses the challenge of climate change, while turning grass, crop residues, and other biomass into fuel. From day one, President Biden will use every tool at his disposal, including the federal fleet and the federal government’s purchasing power, to promote and advance renewable energy, ethanol, and other biofuels.

6. Biden will bolster funding for the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture. Our farmers need new technologies to compete in world markets while protecting our soil and water. These new technologies – and the next new seeds – should be developed and owned by the American people, not private companies who can use patents to expand profits.

7. Create jobs building sustainable infrastructure and a clean energy future. As President, Biden will make a $2 trillion accelerated investment over 4 years in our infrastructure and clean energy future to: Rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, retrofit buildings, weatherize homes, and build affordable housing. generate clean, American-made electricity. accelerate the growth of solar, wind, and other renewables and creating jobs for every kind of worker from scientists to construction workers to electricity generation workers to welders to engineers. And, mobilize the next generation of conservation and resilience workers through a Civilian Climate Corps . And, he’ll establish a Task Force on Coal and Power Plant Communities.

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