Taaleri to build biochar plant in Finland

January 26, 2021 |

In Finland, Taaleri is preparing to build a new biochar plant in Joensuu. There are plans to offer customers an investment opportunity in this project at a later date. Taaleri has entered into an agreement with Savon Voima Oyj for the purchase of services and the lease of land and certain equipment.

In addition, the parties have agreed to set up a joint biomass sourcing company to increase the efficiency and security of raw material supply. The company Joensuun Biohiili Oy, founded by Taaler for the project, will be a minority shareholder in the biomass procurement company.

The biochar plant is estimated to start up in 2022, and its total production is about 60,000 tons of biochar per year. The plant utilizes the by-products of the forest industry and forest management. The use of biomass, ie a small frame and bark, is about 250,000 cubic meters per year. The value of the investment is approximately EUR15 million. The implementation of the project depends not only on the decisions of the companies’ boards, but also on the support decisions.

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