Dutch brand to launch bioplastic construction blocks

February 8, 2021 |

In the Netherlands, BioBuddi has patented toy construction blocks made of biobased plastic developed in collaboration with Wageningen University. 

The blocks are set to launch this month and be the first of a line of toys intended to promote carbon-neutral production and biobased materials.  Other toys, such as puzzles, will be available later this year. BioBuddi has aggressive expansion plans as well, aiming to sell in 50 countries and increase sales by 50% by year-end. 

 “Conventional plastic toys based on oil products cause between two to seven times the net weight of greenhouse gases,” Steven van Bommel, CEO, BiOBUDDi  tells Toy News. “Our new ‘green’ bio-based toys contain zero per cent oil-based chemicals, because our raw materials come from the sugar cane plant, not oil. We also do not add oil-based chemicals in the manufacturing process to improve the performance or color of our product.”

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