Upcoming H&M line to feature cactus leather

March 8, 2021 |

In Sweden, fast-fashion major H&M has launched a new collection featuring vegan leather made from prickly pear cactus. 

H&M says the material is similar to conventional leather, requires little water to produce, and is free of undesirable chemicals such as phthalates and polyvinyl chloride. 

Dubbed Desserto, the material was invented in 2019 by Adrian Lopez and Marte Cazarez. H&M’s line, called Science Stories, features fabrics and materials made from castor oil and includes wide-leg jeans, cropped T-shirt, sunglasses, and necklaces. 

Green Queen, citing United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), notes that fashion is among the world’s most polluting industries, generating a fifth of all wastewater and a tenth of global carbon emissions. Vegan leather demand is expected to grow 50% annually for the next five years. 

Desserto has also been used by high fashion brand Karl-Lagerfeld in a line of accessories as well as by Sanabul to produce boxing gloves. 

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