The 10 Big WOWs from ABLC day 1

May 3, 2021 |

In Florida, day 1 of ABLC is now complete, with 18 presentations covering more than 60 companies and technologies as well as comprehensive updates from major supply chain companies and four presentations on priorities, programs, economics and research from the United States Department of Agriculture. Here are the 10 biggest WOWs we saw on Day 1.

1. Super fast Biotech.

DMC delivering L-alanine at commercial scale. Doubtless you’ve heard of amino acids, here’s one of them, one of the most essential for mammals, used as a food additive, and as an intermediate for the production of chemical and pharma products. DMC is a fairly new company, just completed its Series A investment round less than 18 months ago. Holy smokes, headed for scale with a lead product.

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