The 10 Biggest WOWs from Day 4 of ABLC

May 6, 2021 |

In Florida, day 4 of ABLC is now complete, with 26 more speakers completing their trips to the digital stage. Thursday’s agenda included some of the hottest topics — The Department of Energy Horizons, the future of Sustainable Aviation Fuels, the technologies and projects in Green Hydrogen, and development trends from across the Americas, Brazil to Canada and in between.

Here are the 10 biggest WOWs we saw on Day 4.

1. 228 Hydrogen projects

This slide on Hydrogen Momentum from Linde covers hydrogen development activity of all colors — and there’s black hydrogen, green hydrogen, blue and even grey. The key is that hydrogen is on the rise, and particularly there’s demand in Europe, you can see that more than half of the projects are there. Just a handful in North America, 19 out of the 228 total, Oceania is ahead of North America, surprisingly.

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