From DNA storage to Net Zero Carbon: The 10 Biggest WOW’s of ABLC’s Closing Day

May 9, 2021 |

In Florida, the online sessions of ABLC have drawn to a close. This week, delegates around the world will be joining in the ABLC Lounges for person to person networking. The final day of on-stage presentations was the best — including Aspirations for a Fragile Plant, the Due Diligence Wolfpack, and the Advanced Biofuels Summit.

Here are the 10 biggest WOWs  we saw on the final day of ABLC’s WORLD Stage and the VIP Stage.

1. You can Store and Exabyte of Data in a shoebox with biology, instead of a million cub foot cold storage project 

Here’s a picture worth more than a thousand words, it’s worth one exabyte of data. That’s a thousand petabytes, which is a thousand terabytes, since you asked. On the left, a planned data storage facility in Prineville Oregon, chose in part because Prineville has the power and water to support current technology. There’s only so many Hanfords and Bonnevilles and Grand Coulees, by the way, And data generation is exploding, just think of those 1 trillion internet-of-things devices. So, why note store all that data in a room-temperature shoebox. That’s what biology offers, as Iridia CEO Murali Prahalad outlined in previewing Iridia’s DNA data storage technology.

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