EU Commission gets called to recognize the role of sustainability certification for biomass

May 16, 2021 |

In Germany and France, the French Association of Oilseed and Protein Producers and the Union for the Promotion of Oilseed and Protein Plants called on the European Commission to include all European biomass raw materials without exception in the EU’s reduction target -Taxonomy Ordinance to be included.

“With the Taxonomy Regulation, the European Union is introducing binding requirements for almost all sectors with the aim of boosting investor confidence, raising awareness of the environmental impact of financial products or corporate bonds and addressing concerns about “greenwashing”,” according to UFOP. “The draft regulation and the associated guidelines describe in detail the criteria that must be implemented in order to be allowed to use a label for “green investments” or financial products at national level.”

“UFOP and FOP welcome the recognition of the contribution made by biofuels to this fight, but regret that biofuels made from food and feed crops are excluded from the reduction target. In her opinion, the taxonomy regulation in the transport sector should also be brought into line with the regulations of the EU RED II directive, which will be fully implemented in July.”

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