Scottish startup launches “S’WEAT” plant-based water bottle

May 24, 2021 |

In Scotland, a startup has developed a reusable bottle from wheat straw it hopes will help reduce single-use plastics waste. 

Cleverly named S’WHEAT, the bottle is the brainchild of friends Amee Ritchie and Jake Elliott-Hook, two recent university graduates. 

The bottled are made from the waste stalks from harvesting wheat, which can be used as biofuel feedstock or animal feed, but is also often burnt, leading to reduced air quality and pollution. 

The bottles are available online for £25 (US$34) in four pastel colors and are free from controversial plasticizer bisphenol-A. 

“Overall, the S’Wheat bottle is pretty simple: it looks great, it holds water, it’s easily portable,” according to a Mashable online review. “Although it’s not one of the fancier bottles on the market, with all the trimmings, the startup’s commitment to making a product from plants (and one that’s meant to lessen the amount of single-use plastic bottles fending up in the ocean) bolsters this bottle as a solid eco-conscious choice.”

S’Wheat also plants a tree for every sale. 

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