Indonesia ban on Belgian dairy gains momentum in response to ban on Indonesian palm oil biofuels

May 30, 2021 |

In Indonesia, Palm Oil Monitor reports the growing possibility of a ban on all Belgian milk and dairy products entering Indonesia, following Belgian Minister Zakia Khattabi’s announcement to ban Indonesian palm oil biofuels from entering Belgium starting in 2022.

The official Indonesian Parliament website carries the comments of Dr. Herman Khaeron, Member of the International Trade Committee, who has publicly recommended a ban on Belgian dairy products. Dr Khaeron has also served as Deputy Chairman of the Agriculture Committee in the Parliament. The full Statement from Dr. Herman Khaeron, Member of International Trade Committee, Indonesian Parliament:

“The Belgian Government has announced a ban on palm oil biofuels starting in 2022. This will directly harm palm oil small farmers across Indonesia. This is an act of trade protectionism by Belgium. Indonesia should provide a strong response to this aggressive act.

“Indonesia should consider a reciprocal ban on Belgian exports, for example milk and dairy products produced by Belgian farmers, also starting in 2022. The Belgian Government has decided to start a trade war and this hostile act has consequences in our international trading system.

“Indonesian palm oil is the most sustainable vegetable oil in the world today. It provides income, security, renewable energy and improved life chances for millions of small farmers throughout Indonesia. It is highly regrettable that the Belgian Government has decided to choose conflict instead of cooperation.”

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