Vegan sneaker newcomer launches crowd-funding campaign

June 7, 2021 |

In Portugal, Undo for Tomorrow has launched a crowd-funding campaign for a vegan sneaker comprised of natural materials, including a bamboo lining, a tow cap made of natural rubber, and an insole made from castor oil. 

Dubbed Nuven, the shoe also incorporates discarded party balloons, rubber tires, and vegan suede from recycled plastic. They are available Vanilla Rainbow, Desert Camel, Dark Grey, and Black Bird. 

The campaign is running on Idiegogo, where the company has raised over $87,000 by offering early access to Nuven for $91. The shoes will ship in August. 

Undo for Tomorrow has big-name competition in the green footwear market. Adidas recently announced a version of its iconic Stan Smith sneaker using faux leather made of mushrooms. Jason Momoa—of Aquaman and Game of Thrones fame—also recently announced a partnership with So iLL for sneakers made of algae. 

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