SCOTUS biofuel waiver decision – What it means, the good news, reactions, why it isn’t over yet

June 27, 2021 |

In heartbreak for biofuel producers, Friday’s 6-3 ruling from U.S. Supreme Court backed oil refineries and overturned a lower court’s decision with regard to small refinery exemptions from the Clean Air Act’s Renewable Fuel Standard requirements, even though the companies’ prior exemptions expired. The long battle of oil vs biofuel seems to go on and on with this time, biofuels losing out. But is it all bad news? Not by a long-shot.

In today’s Digest, the SCOTUS decision details, why this case matters, why it isn’t over yet, Senate, House and international policy news that can help, reactions from leaders in the biofuels industry like RFA, Growth Energy, National Biodiesel Board, and more.

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