Carbon-negative bioplastic made from air, invasive plants turned into yoga mats, cultured chicken progress, renewable fiber innovations, and more: The Digest’s Top 8 Innovations for the week of July 2nd

July 1, 2021 |

#1 Berlin startup Made of Air develops carbon-negative bioplastic

In Germany, startup Made of Air says it has developed a bioplastic derived from burnt plant and forestry waste, also known as biochar, that can be used in a broad range of end products. Because the raw materials are plants that sequester carbon dioxide during their growth, the company is claiming its product is carbon-negative—essentially storing two tons of carbon dioxide equivalent for every one ton of bioplastic produced.

“While we are a materials company, really in our heart we are a climate company and that’s the reason for our existence,” chief commercial officer Neema Shams tells Dezeen. “We’re aiming to help reverse climate change.”

Founded in 2016 by architects Allison Dring and Daniel Schwaag, Made of Air hopes to be producing enough bioplastic to sequester 1 gigaton of CO2e annually. Applications are pretty broad, and the material has already been used by H&M in a sunglass line. Made of Air is also in talks with a US furniture maker as well as automakers.

More on the story, here.

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