RPFB to boost ethanol purchases from Bolivian sugarcane mills

July 12, 2021 |

In Bolivia, Yacimientos Petrolifos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB) will gradually maximize the volumes of ethanol purchases from mills that receive raw material from the sugarcane sector, YPFB President Wilson Zelaya reported at a press conference after a meeting with representatives of the sugarcane producers. Owners of the sugar mills, Ministry of Hydrocarbons and Energies (MHE) and the National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH).

Zelaya explained that after a coordination meeting between the sectors, the parties undertook “to carry out joint work to increase the volumes of purchase and sale between YPFB and the mills for the benefit of all. We have some issues to resolve, which must be analyzed in the next 15 days. A new addendum to the contract is expected to be signed until August”, he added.

For his part, Óscar Alberto Arnez, highest representative of the National Confederation of Cañeros de Bolivia (Concabol), stated that “we have seen the willingness of YPFB and the Ministry of Hydrocarbons and Energies, and we are ready to work these 15 days. There will also be an addendum to the contract for the 100 million liters until December ”.
The representative of the sugarcane producers also indicated that they are now involved in real, real work with YPFB. They affirm that they perceived this from the first meeting with President Zelaya, and that in this context it is no longer a dream to sell higher volumes of production in the future.

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