Autonomous University of Guadalajara researchers model chemical processes for biodiesel and bioplastics

July 26, 2021 |

In Mexico, Sureste Informa reports that researchers from the Autonomous University of Guadalajara have been able to model chemical processes such as the production of biodiesel from waste from grease traps and also biological processes such as the growth of the Artrospira Microalgae (Spirulina maximum).

The project that is currently active in this line of research is the “Synthesis of starch-lignin biofilms for the production of single-use bags”, with which it is intended to propose a biodegradable polymer consisting of starch obtained, either from Chlamydomonas Reindhartii microalgae or avocado starch bone and lignin obtained from wheat straw, to manufacture single-use bags that help reduce the impact of plastics.

Currently, the project “Synthesis of starch-lignin biofilms for the production of single-use bags” has allowed 17 students from the Faculty of Chemical Sciences to achieve their degree by thesis. It has also been possible for 6 students of the Master in Renewable Energy to obtain their degree and there has been 1 student address of the Doctorate in Chemical Engineering of the UDG thanks to the CONACyT project.

This project is in the development stage; but basically science is being generated to determine the operational conditions to optimize starch production using the microalgae Chlamydomonas Reindhartii.

In this way, it will be possible to generate biodegradable starch-lignin films that could replace the material from which single-use bags are currently made. 

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