KPI OceanConnect launches future fuels division

August 1, 2021 |

In the United Kingdom, KPI OceanConnect launched its Alternative Fuels and Special Projects division to enhance its counterparts’ ability to achieve their sustainability ambitions and expand KPI OceanConnect’s future fuels capabilities. Bill Wakeling, an expert in marine fuels, will lead the new offering.

As pressure intensifies for the shipping industry to become more sustainable, KPI OceanConnect, a leading global broker and trader in marine fuels for more than 50 years, has launched a new division that will capitalise on its experience and expertise to enable its clients to achieve net-zero emissions from their marine fuels.

Bill Wakeling will head up this new division of KPI OceanConnect. Wakeling will lead on all matters relating to alternative fuels and decarbonisation, as well as exploring opportunities for new ventures and projects. With his rich experience in marine fuels, Bill is well-positioned to lead this new function, and drive measurable environmental and sustainability change throughout the marine fuel supply chain.

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