Cellular ag book, soy golf balls, Bota Bio, Novomer, Danimer and more: The Digest’s Top 8 Innovations for the week of August 5th

August 4, 2021 |

As many students around the world are in or preparing for school, a new children’s book, “Where Do Hot Dogs Come From,” is tackling the topic of cellular agriculture in the hopes that future generations will eschew resource-intensive animal farming in favor of sustainable, slaughter free alternatives like lab-grown meat. Other innovations this week include soybean golf balls as a tee-rific idea, good chemis-tree from Florida researchers overcoming a key conversion challenge in pine sap to plastic.

In today’s Digest, these fun innovations of the week plus natural pigment developments, Bota Bio, Danimer, Novomer news, and more…and it’s ready for you now at The Digest online.

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