Gevo restarts Luverne facility to produce fuel-grade, renewable isobutanol

August 9, 2021 |

In Colorado, Gevo, Inc. says production operations at its advanced, renewable fuels production facility located in Luverne, Minnesota have re-commenced. The Luverne Facility is expected to produce fuel-grade, renewable isobutanol (“IBA”). The IBA produced will be used as a feedstock for Gevo to produce sustainable aviation fuel and renewable premium gasoline to fulfill existing sales contracts. These renewable hydrocarbons will be produced in Silsbee, Texas at the South Hampton Resources, Inc. hydrocarbon production facility. Gevo also expects to utilize some of the IBA produced to develop certain IBA specialty markets.

Moreover, the production operations at the Luverne Facility will allow Gevo to test and evaluate certain potential unit operations that may be incorporated into Gevo’s state-of-the-art Net-Zero 1 production facility that is expected to begin production in 2024 in Lake Preston, South Dakota.

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