Better (carbon) footprint for your feet: Nike evaluating emissions-sequestering material from Newlight

August 30, 2021 |

In Oregon, Nike is working with Newlight Technologies to explore the possibility of producing sneakers and apparel that actually sequester carbon instead of releasing it. 

The partnership will look at using Newlight’s AirCarbon material, which is a biomaterial made from methane that escapes from defunct coal mines. According to Newlight, for every 1 kilogram of AirCarbon produced, 88 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent are diverted from the atmosphere.

“Our mission is change at scale, and there are few better partners in the world than Nike to help achieve that,” said Newlight CEO Mark Herrema. “We are excited to explore how AirCarbon can help Nike decarbonize its products and achieve its ambitious carbon-reduction goals.”

Nike hopes to use AirCarbon to replace synthetic materials as well as leather, which make up the majority of the brand’s carbon footprint.  Nike also recently began using pineapple waste-based vegan leather in its shoes.  

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