Grant Engineering investing in HVO for rural heating

August 30, 2021 |

In Ireland, Grant Engineering, Ireland’s leading home heating appliance manufacturer, has invested over €250,000 in pioneering a major R&D breakthrough that could help reduce carbon emissions in rural and hard to heat homes throughout Ireland, including homes in Laois. The breakthrough will also help prevent Irish homeowners from incurring the high cost and subsequent disruption to daily life of deep retrofitting.

Grant is in the process of launching a Service Engineer Biofuel Conversion Course through their eLearning academy. This will cover a basic introduction to HVO, including the necessary steps required to convert boilers to run on this biofuel, and is open to all qualified service engineers/technicians.

In helping to advance the deployment of renewables in Ireland the UK, Grant is currently part of the Rural-Led Energy Transition (RULET) headed by Ulster University. RULET is aimed at reducing or eliminating the risk of low-income households being left behind in the transition to clean, smart, integrated energy systems. As part of the initiative, the Grant hybrid heat pump system which has been designed for social housing, has been installed in the most vulnerable households in the western counties of Northern Ireland, a wind energy hotspot. The hybrid system will run at high efficiency using wind energy stored overnight helping to significantly reduce fossil fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

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