Wagyu doing? Japanese lab bioprints Holy Grail beef cut

September 6, 2021 |

In Japan, scientists have successfully grown wagyu—a premium variety of beef known for its marbling and tenderness—in a lab. 

Using cells taken from a cow’s cheek and artificial collagen tendon tissue, professor Michiya Matsusaki and colleagues at Osaka University were able to 3D bioprint a 5×5 mm cube of meat resembling wagyu. 

“We wanted to start with wagyu beef because it’s representative of Japanese cuisine,” Matsusaki tells Vice. “With 3D printing, we can achieve the marbling this cut of steak is known for, using more sustainable methods.”

Though the cube is inedible, Matsusaki expects to produce a version safe for consumption by the end of 2021, and aims to have limited amounts ready for commercial sale by 2025. 

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