Blue Biofuels files for two more patents for Cellulose-to-Sugar technology

September 9, 2021 |

In Florida, Blue Biofuels has filed two more patents that follow on the granted patent and three previously filed patents pending to its Cellulose-to-Sugar (“CTS”) technology system.

One filed patent pertains to the production of lignin from the CTS process; the second filed patent pertains to the production of nanocellulose from the CTS process.

These are important developments because our no-sulfur lignin can be used for the production of bio-originated and biodegradable plastics as well as in ion-exchange resins. Further, the Company believes both lignin and nano-cellulose have the potential of becoming very high value co-products of our process. The Company is working on separating and purifying these products for future sale. 

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