Apple plans recycled and renewable materials push

October 4, 2021 |

In California, Apple has announced environmental targets including its intention to eliminate mining and use recycled and renewable materials in its products. 

The announcement follows a comprehensive evaluation of its supply chain, which includes 45 elements and raw materials. Based on impact profiles, Apple is prioritizing efforts to move these materials to a circular model. Fourteen materials that make up 90% of its products by mass, will be the first to be addressed, with the focus be on sourcing recycled or renewable materials, using materials efficiently, boosting longevity, and increasing recovery at the end of the product’s lifecycle. 

The tech giant noted changes it has already made with its latest release, the iPhone 13. The phones feature recycled rare earth elements, including tin and solder on the main logic board as well as tungsten and gold elsewhere in the design. And, by eliminating plastic packaging, the company saved 600 metric tons of plastic.  

“[W]e have protected or created enough responsibly managed forests to cover all the virgin wood fiber we use in our packaging. This ensures working forests are able to regrow and continue to clean our air and purify our water,” the company adds. 

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