BICO gets patents in the United States and Sweden for 3D bioprinting of bioinks

October 17, 2021 |

In Sweden, BICO, has been granted two patents relating to the regulation and precise control of bioink’s processing temperatures in 3D Bioprinters, which complements a full portfolio of solutions being developed by BICO and its subsidiary CELLINK.

The first patent, US 11,046,001, was granted in the United States and relates to temperature regulation of the printbed to enable precise control of the gelation process of bioprinted structures with temperature-sensitive bioinks, such as Collagen and Gelatin.

The second patent, SE 543880, was granted in Sweden, and relates to controlling the temperature of the cartridge and dispensing nozzle during 3D bioprinting, leading to increased reproducibility, printing consistency, less downtime due to clogging and less material waste, while achieving a higher cell viability.

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