New graphene-based sensor to monitor fresh food developed using Circa’s Cyrene solvent

October 28, 2021 |

In Norway, a new graphene-based sensor to monitor fresh food as it travels from farm to consumer has been developed by researchers at the University of Adelaide in Australia. The new technology uses Circa’s Cyrene solvent in a graphene ink formulation to produce the low-cost sensors, which can be printed onto food packaging to detect and display the freshness of the content.

Researchers from the University of Adelaide have printed sensors using a specially formulated graphene ink made from ethyl cellulose (EC) and Circa’s bio-based solvent Cyrene as a sensing material. These sensors are used to monitor food spoilage by detecting volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in a commercial box of strawberries, successfully demonstrating a new use for printable devices in food monitoring and tracking applications.

The study concluded that “The graphene ink formulated by combining EC and Cyren provides a facile route to achieve sustainable, environmentally friendly, and low-cost sensing modules.”

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