Novozymes launches Innova Quantum

November 1, 2021 |

In Denmark, Novozymes is introducing Innova Quantum, a new addition to its powerful Innova yeast platform. The robust new yeast enables ethanol plants with longer fermentation times of more than 60 hours to realize higher ethanol yields and processing efficiencies than ever before. And, most importantly, plants can achieve this industry-leading yield without trade-offs which put their operation at risk.

Producers can increase ethanol yield by 2-3%  with the new yeast, which for a 100MGY plant translates to an additional $1-2 million in revenue. Designed to operate in fermentations >60 hours, Quantum with new strain development is capable of converting the most sugar to ethanol while significantly lowering fermentation by-products such as glycerol up to 40% – all without the trade-off and risk of robustness loss experienced with competing yeasts. And, Quantum expands plant flexibility fermenting to >16% w/v ethanol concentrations, while eliminating the need for expensive nutritional supplements.

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