Covestro shares new circular economy tech at China International Import Expo

November 7, 2021 |

In China, for the first time, materials manufacturer Covestro is at the China International Import Expo presenting innovative solutions and technologies related to the circular economy – including the use of alternative raw materials such as carbon dioxide and partially bio-based raw materials that replace fossil resources, as well as a novel, groundbreaking process for the chemical recycling of polyurethane mattress foam.

A key focus of Covestro’s presence at CIIE is the use of alternative raw materials. This includes the Asian debut of two ISCC PLUS-certified mass-balanced products with a lower carbon footprint: these are MDI – a key raw material for polyurethanes (PU) – and the high-performance plastic polycarbonate, with imported raw materials. Both contain a significant proportion of alternative raw materials, including plant waste, residual fats and vegetable oils, which partially replace fossil resources. And both are used in a wide range of applications: polyurethanes in insulation, upholstered furniture and automotive manufacturing; polycarbonates in the electronics, automotive and healthcare industries. Covestro’s mass-balanced products help make these end-use applications more sustainable, supporting the circular economy and, in some cases, climate neutrality.

Covestro is also exhibiting its Triturn CO₂ technology, which enables carbon dioxide to be reused as a valuable alternative raw material in polyol production, replacing up to 20 percent of fossil feedstock. It can be leveraged for many different types of applications and industries, such as flexible foam for mattresses and binders for sports flooring, as an answer to address consumer demands and the rising environmental awareness.

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