Seaweed bioplastics startup hopes to sway packaging industry

November 16, 2021 |

In California, a startup has developed a compostable bioplastic using seaweed as feedstock. Named Sway, the bioplastic is stronger than low-density polyethylene and can be delivered clear or in colors and textures that make it obvious it is based on seaweed. And, unlike the corn-based bioplastics that make up most of the market, Sway’s material does not require an industrial composter or acres of land and fertilizer that could otherwise be used for food production.

Julia Marsh, Sway’s cofounder and CEO, recently told Fast Company she founded the company after finding her personal principles as an environmentalist at odds with her career as a packaging systems designer. Sway’s material can be used to replace conventional plastics films commonly used in packaging with no need to adjust processing equipment. Sway recently raised cash to begin pilot production.

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