DiviGas, Neste, Toyota, Ballard, COP26 pledges, PNNL, NREL, others are hot on hydrogen

November 21, 2021 |

It’s been a hot week for hydrogen with DiviGas securing $3.6 million in seed funding for the commercialization of a new next-generation polymeric hydrogen separation membrane that is a filter at a molecular level that purifies hydrogen and helps capture the associated CO2. The disruptive membrane will help reduce emissions by >1000 Million Tons of CO2 Per Year.

In today’s Digest, DiviGas tech plus Neste’s funding to develop its Porvoo refinery through green hydrogen production, Ballard’s hydrogen strategy, Toyota’s big bets on hydrogen, pledges to decarbonize hydrogen at COP26, NREL and PNNL latest research on hydrogen and more…this is one story you won’t want to miss on all things hydrogen.

Let’s start with the companies taking action on hydrogen on the next page.

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