Knock-out idea: Adidas uses cactus leather in boxing glove line

November 22, 2021 |

In Mexico, Adidas is using a cactus-based leather alternative in a new line of boxing gloves. 

The material, called Desserto, uses prickly pear cactus as feedstock and was invented in 2019 by Adrian Lopez and Marte Cazarez. The Adidas gloves are part of a new Tilt 350 boxing glove design that aims to better protect the wrists and hands of boxers. 

“We believe in leaving a big footprint in the ring, but a small footprint on the ground,” Christophe Dessales, Managing Director of Adidas Boxing, says in a press statement.  

Desserto has also achieved V-Label recognition, which certifies it as completely free of animal products. BMW and H&M are among the other notable brands who have used Desserto in its products. 

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