Sherdar Australia Bio Refinery to develop commercial scale renewable diesel processing and storage

December 6, 2021 |

In Australia, Sherdar Australia Bio Refinery Pty Ltd. announced plans to develop a renewable diesel processing and storage facility in the country. When in full operation, the facility aims to produce 500,000 metric tons per annum of renewable fuels with lower carbon emissions than conventional fossil fuels. This will position Australia as one of the major renewable fuel producers and exporters in the world, which is in support of Australia Government Policy to forge a sustainable future.

While the exact location has yet to be announced, the facility will cover more than 20 hectares in land size and will be located close to adequate port infrastructure, as the primary countries for exporting renewable diesel will be the United States and Europe to meet the rising demand of renewable fuels in both regions. Sherdar is currently in the final stages of engineering governmental discussions and receiving relevant approvals for the project.

Some of the considerations in mind in determining the eventual site were availability of supporting infrastructure and sufficient qualified local workforce. This project, estimated to cost $600 million, will be looking to hire 120 people for plant operations and will create job opportunities for more than 600 people including raw materials suppliers and those working in logistics.

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