MeaTech 3D unveils largest cultured steak to date

December 13, 2021 |

In Israel, cultivated steak producer MeaTech 3D announced that it has successfully “printed” a 3.67-ounce cut of beef without adding any soy or pea protein. 

To produce the steak—which the company believes is the largest created to date—MeaTech 3D isolated and grew bovine stem cells from tissue samples. Once sufficient numbers were achieved, the cells were formulated into “bio-inks” compatible with MeaTech’s 3D bioprinters. The steak was then printed according to a digital rendering of steak structure, and left to mature in an incubator. There, the cells differentiated into fat and muscle tissues. 

The company adds that it endeavors to maximize cell-based content and use as little plant-based materials as possible. Some cultivated meat makers are viewing hybrid products as a way to improve consumer adoption and reach the goal of improving the sustainability profile of conventional meat products. 

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