Peru launches anticorruption investigation into Petroperú over biodiesel tenders

December 20, 2021 |

In Peru, Politica reports that on Monday agents from the Prosecutor’s Office and the Anticorruption Police arrived at the Petroperú headquarters, located in San Isidro, in order to initiate preliminary investigations against the company’s manager, Hugo Chávez. This, as a result of irregular tenders that Samir Abudayeh Giha, biodiesel marketer and supplier to Petroperú, would have obtained for $74 million.

These actions are carried out after it was learned that Samir Abudayeh visited the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, at the Government Palace on October 18, days after obtaining the million-dollar tender. According to the records of the Transparency portal released by Panorama, there was also the manager of Petroperú, Hugo Chávez , the businesswoman Karelim López and Gregorio Saenz, a member of the National Board of Palm Growers.

Likewise, according to the document of the First Office of the Office of the Special Prosecutor for Crimes of Corruption of Officials of Lima, to which the Republic had access, the preliminary proceedings against Hugo Ángel Chávez Arévalo (and others) for “the alleged commission of crimes against the public administration in the form of aggravated collusion and, alternatively, incompatible business or improper use of the position to the detriment of the State ”.

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