Higher Performance, Carbon Negative Plastics, Maybe for Less: The Digest’s 2021 Multi-Slide Guide to ReSource Chemical

December 26, 2021 |

Emerging out of stealth and the hallways of Activate along Berkeley Lab’s Cyclotron Road is ReSource Chemical, seen recently on the ABLC stage. What makes this interesting are three factors: 1. Higher Performance, Carbon Negative Plastics. 2. Maybe For Less. 3. A new Company Punching Above its Weight. Let’s look at the slides as presented at ABLC and make some comments along the way, although I have to say, this is a job for the ABLC Due Diligence Wolfpack.

Gotta like this slide, has better, sustainable and plastic in the one line. That’s not only the right topic, but the right way to compress a value proposition.

Already, this slide is mature enough that it looks like a company already at commercial scale or quite close. Interesting that this company is actually more towards the other end of the spectrum, it’s a tiny firm called ReSource that’s affiliated with the Activate program (a/k/a Cyclotron Road), which is to say, the company is emerging from stealth after beginning as a two-year fellowship at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. But, stick with me on this one, this is a company with a lot of potential and is well worth a close look.

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