Top 10 Predictions for the Advanced Bioeconomy in 2022

January 2, 2022 |

10. Feedstocks – oilseeds are on the comeback trail

It’s official. The world is not going to commercialize advanced biofuels, or even satiate the world appetite for SAF, based on waste fats, oils and greases. Long term, think forest residues. Short term, think plant-based oils, though palm is probably not in the equation until its image is rehabbed. Leaving soybeans and canola (rapeseed) in the drivers seat, and new crops like carinata and pennycress right behind. Also, camellia’s making a comeback. Bottom line, more SAF and renewable diesel, for the time being, means more plant oils. And that’s good news for feedstock growers, who love biodiesel but have lamented the blending restrictions such as B2, B5 or B20.

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