Controversy continues regarding Argentine biofuel blending mandates

January 5, 2022 |

In Argentina, El Tiempo reports a regulation issued on Wednesday of last week by the ministries of Mines and Energy, Environment and Agriculture regarding biofuel blending levels sparked a debate among producer unions.

It is about Resolution 40421 of 2021, whose rules seek not only to bring the level of biodiesel to 12% and then between January and February to lower it to 11% and from March that the level is adjusted to 10%; but also, that of ethanol leave it at 7%, and then reduce it to 6% between February and June, and increase it to 8% in July, and from August the level is definitely at 10%.

The blending levels were lowered during the pandemic from 10% ethanol and 12% biodiesel blending but producers want those levels returned to where they were.

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