Meet Chanel No. 1: Iconic brand launches 97% natural skin care line

January 10, 2022 |

In France, luxury brand Chanel is launching its first eco-friendly skincare and makeup line. No. 1 de Chanel products are made from up to 97% natural ingredients, including a new extract from the red “Czar” Camellia flower variety that has shown impressive anti-aging benefits for skin. “This flower blooms during the winter and can resist tough conditions—it can resist being frozen,” Chanel’s Director of Innovation and Development for Cosmetic Ingredients, Nicola Fuzzati, tells Refinery29. 

Camellia seeds and organic ink are also used in the packaging, which reduced waste by excluding cellophane and replacing product information with a QR code.  “T]his is a big achievement for us in terms of packaging,” a Chanel beauty expert adds. “The expectations were grand, the challenge was difficult, but we succeeded and for us, it’s a big step.”

The line includes face and eye cream, serums, mists, lip balm, cleanser, foundation and lotion.

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