Get fit, be green, attain inner peace with biobased yoga mats

January 17, 2022 |

In South Carolina, sustainable yoga mat producer Yoloha is using biobased thermoplastic elastomers produced by Swedish plastics compounder Hexpol. The customized material has 55% biobased content, high melt strength, and the cushioning needed for both long asanas and intense sun salutations.  

“I have worked with and tested most foams on the market from Natural rubber, EVA, PU, etc., and I have found TPE foam to be the perfect blend of support, durability and weight,” Yoloha founder Chris Willey says in a press statement. “With that in mind, I discovered HEXPOL TPE with their focus on sustainability. We quickly developed a great relationship and worked together to develop a customized material.” 

Hexpol’s biobased TPEs use raw materials from renewable resources, including byproducts from crops such as grain, sugar beet or sugar cane. Yoloha also produces yoga mats from cork. 

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