Carbios accelerates its industrial development with new construction

January 23, 2022 |

In France, Carbios, a pioneer in the development of enzymatic solutions dedicated to the end-of-life of plastic and textile polymers, will accelerate the industrial development of its revolutionary enzymatic recycling process (C-ZYME) with the construction of its reference unit in Europe.

After studying several potential location proposals, Carbios has shortlisted two of the worlds’ leading PET producers to host this future reference unit. The industrial sites considered are in Europe, including one in France.

“To consolidate our strategy and be ready for 2025, the date by which major industrial players are aiming for 100% recyclable and recycled packaging, we are entering the final stage of our industrial development. Discussions with our potential partners and public authorities are in process and we can expect the location of our future first-of-its-kind reference unit to be announced in the coming weeks,” said Emmanuel Ladent, Chief Executive Officer of Carbios.

The excellent results obtained from Carbios’ industrial demonstration plant, which began operations last September in France, confirmed the industrial scale-up potential of the Company’s technology. With regard to the core of Carbios’ recycling process, the depolymerization kinetics and yields obtained are identical to those achieved in the Pilot facility. “These promising results allow us to envision a large-scale deployment of Carbios’ enzymatic recycling process,” said Prof. Alain Marty, Carbios’ Chief Scientific Officer.

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