Ikea denies interest in burger bun couch

January 24, 2022 |

In Montreal, subversive artist Gab Bois has crafted a couch from burger and hot dog buns meant to resemble the vaguely loaf-like Camaleonda sofa popularized in the early 1970s by designer Mario Bellini. 

Bois’s work, dubbed Loafa, went viral after being shared by Estonian rapper Tommy Cash, who claimed IKEA had agreed to produce the couch if the Instagram post got 10,000 comments. 

The Scandinavian furniture giant has, however, denied making such an offer.  “No one from IKEA was in touch with Tommy Cash,” IKEA global press officer Diana Lavrenova tells Dezeen. “We don’t see the project as feasible.” She adds that the Loafa concept is similar to a.i.r., an inflatable sofa IKEA launched in the 1980s that is considered one of the “biggest mistakes” in its history.  “We tried air sofas once, which turned out to be a great mistake,” she said. “Bun sofas seem to fit in that same airy category.”

Loafa was part of a larger series of works in which Bois crafted food into everyday objects. She used brioche hamburger for cushions and hot dog buns for edges, all held together by toothpicks. “It ended up being a literal representation of comfort food,” she adds. 

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