Valentino steps into renewable sneaker market

January 24, 2022 |

In Milan, luxury brand Valentino has introduced two sneakers designs made from recycled and renewable materials. 

Featuring uppers and sides made of viscose and polyurethane produced using corn-based polyols, the sustainable sneaks are available in the brand’s Open and Rockstud Untitled styles. The sneakers also include recycled polyester laces and rubber soles. 

A lifecycle assessment indicated the sneakers have a lower environmental footprint than footwear produced using fossil-based materials. 

Combining luxury with sustainability will set you back, however. The Open sneaker retails for $690, while the Rockstud Untitled is priced at $850. The company is also using recycled cotton and paper from sustainably-managed forests in the packaging, and vowed last year to stop using fur.  

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