Eco Clean developing process using by-products from fish farming to produce surfactants

January 31, 2022 |

In the UK, Scottish start-up Eco Clean is undertaking a research project with experts from the University of St Andrews to develop a new process that uses by-products from fish farming to produce surfactants – one of the main components in detergents and other industrial and institutional cleaning products.

With six-figure funding support from the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBioIC), Eco Clean is aiming to develop a more sustainable alternative to traditionally petrochemical-based surfactants, which can be produced at scale. 

Surfactants – or surface active agents – are used in detergents to disrupt the surface tension on the item being cleaned, helping to trap and remove dirt. Different types of surfactants are used as wetting agents, emulsifiers, and foaming agents for a range of products. 

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